Sunday, December 23, 2007


After much thought and discussion, we've decided to go to the hospital to be induced. The Jack in my box seems to need a little help getting out and the midwives felt that even if I began labor spontaneously, they would have to monitor me closely and might likely end up transferring me to hospital anyway.

It sounds so calm when I write it, but I think I scared the hell out of my mom when I started screaming and crying. I really wanted some gloves and a heavy bag. I wanted to wail on something until everything was numb and I could collapse from exhaustion.

My poor dog got nervous, too. She really doesn't like to see me upset. But I know it'll be okay, because she laid down and put her head on my foot while I make this entry. And she's a magic dog. She knows the future.

If you want to visit, I'm at UW. Balloons are welcome, the brighter and goofier the better.


Anonymous said...

you go girl...pop that thang'

your brother MPH

Amy said...

Ranedear! I'm so glad to hear Jack is here and you're all home safe and sound. Tons of love. - Amy

Cyndelou said...

Ohhhh... I thought I could be patient, but if you don't get a picture of that little cutie on this blog soon.. I think I might explode!
I love you honey...and hope you are all enjoying this special time with your new man!!