Wednesday, August 30, 2006

For Camilla!

Completed a collage mock up today. As you can see, I seem to have a thing for bunnies, beavers, sparrows, stars and hot dogs. This is a mock up for a mail correspondence with my friend, Camilla. Hi Camilla!

We'll see what happens when I do some drawings but I don't draw so well (ahem, confidently) from my head, so I like reference material. No, it's not copying!

Anyway, have a loquacious day!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Good morning... still!

11:35am still means morning. It's a gray day, and I'm not morose, nor rankled with ennui... altogether this seems a good thing. I made it to the dog park and back without a headache or even squinting. Usually, the diffuse light of gray days hurts my eyes, causing nasty headaches that start like a vice gripping down, then tightening until I swear my skull is breaking and my brainmeats scream like a lobster in hot water. But that doesn't seem to happen here.

Hmm. Cool.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Welcome to the musings and rants of your beloved Rane!

I'm now writing from Kirkland, WA. See me on Google Earth! We are the other Double RL (not the gorgeous, ahem *controversial* working cattle ranch of Ralph Lauren. I bet you wondered where they photographed all those "ranch house style" leather chairs and fancy crackle paint armoire...)

I'm happy to report I'm settling well. There's a lovely little coffee kiosk in the grocery store by our house. The ladies gather and kvetch. I could easily while away my day drinking coffee and meeting and listen to gossip about people I don't know. A good place for my beautiful cafe au lait bowls that I've missed so much [thanks Sean!]

I did meet my local chapter of Choice Action Team, a pro-choice group, which meets monthly close by. I'm excited to hear what's going on here in Wash state and share what I can about legislation in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana, since we worked so closely with groups in those states to protect choice as an option. Apparently, Oregon anti-choice is gaining strength so we've got to help out where we can.

I've already found the Ikea (I dragged Ray there the day after I arrived!), Trader Joe's (for those of you who don't know, you *are* missing out) and a local fun place Fred Meyer. It was crazy: I entered a furniture store, found the lamps, walked around to clothes, garden, electronics and then a full grocery store! And nice stuff at good prices!

Speaking of housewares,... well, I was, wasn't I? Anyway, I can see my house a little more now since I've moved all the boxes around. Note, I didn't say "out," but I have unpacked precisely 34 boxes and had a visit from a feng shui consultant. Our living room is really lovely and the theatre room (yes! theatre room!) will be really nice once we get our couch and a big fuzzy rug!

Tasha and Spanky (TCFKAT - the cat formerly known as Tasha) dig the fenced backyard even though the grass is totally dead. I guess it's been a super dry summer, which is fine for me. Makes for a pleasant transition.

I'm enjoying my "house-wifely" stature. I usually spend most of my morning at the coffee clatch, the amazing 40-acre dogpark, then back home for breakfast and more coffee. Then I unpack ... for ... hours ... and ... hours. Then I wash my dirty, newsprint-smudged self and pass out. It's fun! You should try it!

What surprises me is my near constant focus. There is stillness in my constant motion. I flit here and there, open this box, place everything where it goes, box outside, paper flattened in a neat pile. I don't even feel like I'm doing much. Then I turn around and that whole corner that was towering boxes is devoid of even dust bunnies! Who knew I could be so effective? And somehow I'm still finding time to waste on craigslist free listings, shop, surf for the best local radio, attend free concerts in the park, and movies under the stars.

I think I like it here. I think I like me here.

But, always the skeptic, we'll see what happens when it's gray for 3 weeks straight. 2 gray days in Colorado had me in a mood. It could be bad. I could get used to it. We'll see...

Keep reading! I promise to post on a freshly gray day so you can know precisely.

Bye now! I'll post pictures when things get a little tidier.