Thursday, November 12, 2009

In review: September. Michelle is back from Iraq!

September saw the return of our sister, Michelle, from Iraq. She is currently stationed at Fort Hood and yes, she's ok. Here's most of us girls. Tracy, Karen, me, and Michelle. We look alike, don't we? Linda avoids the flashes because she's too big a star. ;->

Our resident reticent teenager even allowed me to photograph him. A rare smile. I am honored.

Kendrick drank and passed out texting in the backseat. If I were really mean, I would have finished his text for him!

In review: August

I just realized I have photos on my camera since July, which means I haven't sent any photos to Grandma. I'm a bad daughter. I must make amends.

So here goes. In August, we went to Jacksonville for my niece's graduation from her Naval training. Her class is the last to officially receive wings. She asked my dad, an old Navy pilot from back in the day, to pin on her wings. He was choked up with the honor. It was very sweet. He didn't even make her bleed at all!

A bunch of us showed up to support her! Everyone else gets to smile, while I wrangle the toddler.

Here's Tonya in the cockpit of the P3 she works in. This is supposedly all Top Secret and stuff, but everyone was taking photos, so I did, too. Tonya is a lovely goof, isn't she?