Friday, March 16, 2007

New hair do

Due to high demand, I am publishing an image of my tiny ponytails. Look at that scalp, whiter than white, whiter than Coleen! I am getting it cut Monday - just a trim, thank you! My darling husband, who has known me since I was 14, has never seen my hair long. It's time.

I'll post a picture Monday after the new do. Hopefully, she won't make me look a soccer mom like the last one...

Wish me luck!
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I want to know what idiot decided...

This is the beginning of what will likely be a series of "I want to know what idiot decided..." wherein I examine daily life and think about how someone could have decided to do one thing or another.

Today's example: Ralph Lauren Suede Textured Paint

Yes, it looks soft and supple, just like flat paint but with texture. Yes, texture - which is perfect for holding onto dust, cobwebs and random debris that collects in large swaying fronds from my bedroom walls and ceiling - yes, ceiling. Some idiot decided to paint the entire house in suede textured paint, including the smooth ceilings.

So, who decided this? Someone who gets someone else to vacuum their walls.

Please, as if I don't have other things to do than worry my husband over my near obsessive behaviour to vacuum our walls, because I can't sleep another night knowing I'll wake up with tendrils of dusty cobwebs in my hair and face. Those don't wash out so easy.

And it's jsut gross.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Kaylin kisses!

My beautiful god-daughter sends her kisses to all the little people. Next she'll be holding out her hand to be kissed. Enchante!

Monday, March 12, 2007

I feel a change

Sunday was a downpour. Almost all day long, the rain just fell in buckets. But Hubbie just got a new fork for his bike, so guess what we did. . .

Yes, I chose to go for a ride in the pouring rain.

This is vastly different from my attitude anywhere I've lived before. I would only go out if the weather was just right, like the painter that can only paint in a "perfect environment."

What a way to avoid discovery! There is no perfect environment any more perfect than it is right now! Plus, if you wait for a good weather day, you'll wait until summer and there will be too much to do on those perfect days. This way, keep enjoying regardless!

Friday, March 09, 2007

2 days of Sun and I'm positively manic

The sun came out for most of monday and tuesday this week - wow! Just phenomenal! The trees are in bloom, the grass is green, the ferns are lush - not that anemic brown they've been most of the winter. My new friend, E-, got me excited about making stuff again, which is very high on several of my lists: "Things I like Doing Instead of Watching TV," "Things I like Doing While Watching TV," and "Stuff that Makes Me Happy."

So off we went to the Bellevue Botanical Garden for a class in making flowers out of christmas tree lights. The process was easy once you picked it up, but there is a very specific way to do it and they have it down to a science. I'm a big picture-then-detail person, and was having a hard time grasping why precisely you had to do this or that thing. Everytime the slightly micro-managing "guide" would come correct my method, E- would giggle, which would make me laugh, blowing the scowl away and eventually the micro-manager to boot! Then, I got it and everything was fine. Our flowers were the most natural, beautiful flowers there!

The garden is so beautiful. If you are ever in the Seattle area, and like pretty things and beautiful places, this is a Must-Do! The garden is very well laid out and has a wonderful assortment of native and exotic plants.

On this day, the sun was out, and everything was shimmering like some great big tranny diva just showed up and dumped her entire glitter make up kit on everything, but in a classy way. The air even smelled sweet. I was running late and didn't want to make a bad impression on my new friend, so I just walked kinda fast and took really deep breaths instead of running. Poor E- made a wrong turn on the highway and by the time she could correct it, was way up by my house. I wish I'd known... She could've picked me up and we could have strolled in late together!

But I haven't even told you the best part of the day! Better than the massage I got after making flowers in a beautiful garden, better than calming the most nervous dog in the universe, better than hearing from a friend I hadn't talked to in months - The Very Best Part of My Day was when E- said we should start a creativity salon! So, stay tuned for the next post where in I will put forth at least 10 ideas for meeting themes. I've got 5 so far, so the last 5 may get a bit dodgy, but it's all for the fun, right?


it's been a long winter...

And they say it's a short one this year, but dang it feels long. Everyone I meet says it's hard to meet people here. People are friendly and I believe their polite interactions are genuine. They just aren't very embracing. I even meet people who say, "I know exactly what you mean!" We exchange numbers and nothing comes of it.