Friday, March 16, 2007

New hair do

Due to high demand, I am publishing an image of my tiny ponytails. Look at that scalp, whiter than white, whiter than Coleen! I am getting it cut Monday - just a trim, thank you! My darling husband, who has known me since I was 14, has never seen my hair long. It's time.

I'll post a picture Monday after the new do. Hopefully, she won't make me look a soccer mom like the last one...

Wish me luck!
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Anonymous said...

Great pigtails - it's a charming blend of girlish cute and sexy bedhead. If only they still sold those ponytail holders with marbles on them....I used to love the marbles.

raygunrane said...

Ooh! I'll look for some. I've seen them in the past few years, but with short hair, mostly I just waxed nostalgic and bought a new pomade...

Anonymous said...

Oh cute, oh cute! Your piggies are darling. I'm sure your new do is super, too.

O-town abounds with those marble-bobble ponytail holders.