Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I'm not Laura Bush

Ok, I didn't post right after getting my hair cut because, well, it was bad. Very bad.

I mean, it was a *nice* haircut, but I'm not a *nice* girl. I don't know what horrified me more, that I looked like Laura Bush or just any random Republican soccer mom that could turn on you in the grocery store parking lot.

So, I bought black dye on the way home and gave myself hacked up Betty bangs when I got home. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I did find someone to save the wreck, though. A very talented, super cute, clever hairdresser names Ashley at Regis Salon in Redmond. Great service, great haircut, great tattoos. We were very similarly minded and I appreciate that because I don't often find people I can relate too here in Microsoftville.

Ashley saved the day and my marriage.

Of course, sometimes I can't figure out why I get so locked on something like this. Where do I go? The dogpark and out to dinner with an occasional friend. Who cares what I look like? No one but me. Are we tight on funds? Hell yes! So why am I spending my husband's hard earned money on haircuts that nobody cares about?

For me, it sets me apart from the dumpy people here. With the constant wet, cold weather, it's easy to let yourself go. Just not care how you look and get, well - dumpy. There are a lot of dumpy people here and I don't want to look like them, talk like them or otherwise.

So having a nice hairstyle that reflects my personality is more affordable than clothes and sets me apart enough that I feel I am retaining some small part of my soul in the land of the soulless.

And I like looking good for the honey.

pictures to come once my over-hormonal acne clears up some. Maybe I'll get pregnant this month!!

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