Monday, October 27, 2008

Job Search

The dear Husband is working hard - phone calls to supportive friends with information about this or that company, recommendations from others, web research on companies hiring for his particular skill set and getting details on who pays more where, and creating new works to target companies he would like to work for.

It's like killing a moose with salt peter.

"more fantasy, more sci-fi, not enough zombies" - I guess being a diverse artist is more of a problem than one would imagine. I mean, who knew being able to draw a sexy pin-up model with the same skill as a tank or Beast of Another Dimension would be a drawback?

Having him at home is a mixed blessing, too. He's helpful with Jack, taking him for walks in the morning, playing with him during the day, helping change diapers or taking over if I need a break.

But all that takes away from his job search. Jack is often very loud, which makes it hard for Ray to concentrate on new paintings. So I have to devise free things to do for hours on end in between Jack's erratic nap times to get out of the house. It's easier when the weather's decent but when it's cold and rainy out, I just wish we had a working fireplace and a nanny so I could read in bed all day.

So, someone - please hire my husband. He's experienced, talented, works smart and gets along with just about everybody. Yes, I'm a little biased, but just look at his work and when you get your socks back on, call or email him. You'll be glad you did. And so will I.

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