Friday, October 17, 2008

the best laid plans...

Ray got laid off today. No warning - well, a little, but he was getting the sideways talks from the owner saying, good thing you're going to this other team. That's the place to be. Basically, he lied to give Ray a false feeling of security during an awkward time.

Then today they are told to clean out their desks.

Part of me wants to call the owner and say, why Ray? You know we have a baby - you gave us the freakin' crib! Well, at least if we lose our home, we can turn the crib over, put a tarp on it and call it home.

But then, I realized they are worse off than we are. C_ mortgaged his house to the hilt to personally finance one of the projects when the incoming money from investors trickled away. Now, he could lose everything including their brand new kitchen with a single piece of marble slap large enough for at least 4 autopsies at a time. And flawlessly white. Beautiful, just beautiful. I wonder what his wife will say. I wonder about their 4 kids and horses and chickens and fancy cars.

Enough about them. He screwed his own family as much as he's screwed mine and I'm angry.


Doctor Memory said...

Well crap, hon, that sucks.

Ray does game programming, right? I have friends who work at EA who would probably love to see his resume. Have him drop me a line?

Emily Weaver Brown said...

Oh Rane, I am so sorry. This really sucks! I will be praying that Ray gets another job really soon and that this little snafu is only a bump on the road to better things. See you tomorrow.