Friday, September 01, 2006

I woke up mad as hell at 1:43am.

I was being chased by a moose around a fortress, skirting the perimeter and ducking behind stanchions when I could. Now, I have a healthy respect for large, strong, tempermental wild animals. Meaning, a surprise viewing while walking in a forest is a gift.

Being stalked by one is an entirely different experience.

And he was stalking me. He would even hide when I'd look back. Then I spotted an opening and ducked down a hole, which luckily meant falling onto something soft.

I lay still, pretending to be invisible when a man [who seemed to be a strange amalgamation of an ex-boss and several genius techie friends, but with a truly mean sense of humor] showed up and laid cards over my body. I assumed there was something on the cards to attract the moose, because that's what happened. The moose pushed around the cards on my body gently while I grew angrier at this fool for scaring me so badly. There was no where to go; no way to get out with out this moose trying to get some action, and nothing to hit the jerkwad with for starting it all.

And then I woke up.... mad as hell, sleeping in the vary same position as I had been in the dream, but in my own bed.

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