Tuesday, March 03, 2009

New Friends

So, I have a new friend-to-be-I-hope who is totally fabulous, smart and fun. (hi D!) Today we hung out at a big mall in Virginia. They had a fabulous play area for the tots and Mr. Knick Knack was singing his heart out and reading stories. The guy playing conga and tambourine kinda looked sweet and let the kids play with him. The 3 year old was about as good as the big nice guy in the funny sweater.

Jack and his new friend were playing nicely until Jack pushed little Z off a bee. Then he didn't want to be with Jack so much anymore. Poor little guy. Ok, not so little. Isn't he absolutely edible?

Jack is walking a lot - all of a sudden, he just started walking on his own. Of course, I think he's the most brilliant little boy in the whole world. Except when he tosses kids off bees. Then I think, not the best display of an attempt to interact with the world around him, but it's a sure sign he's trying! D was very forgiving. Nice D. I hope Not-so-wee Z gets Jack back!


Emily Weaver Brown said...

oh, this makes me miss you guys so much. Did you cut Jacks hair?

Rane dae said...

I did, a little. He kept wiping the bangs away so I tried to trim them just a tiny bit. He was moving and I got scared and cut too much!

donatype said...

hahaha. poor zman. it'll only help him grow some kahones. i'm loving your blog!