Thursday, May 01, 2008

4 months and growing

How is it that when I get more sleep, I feel worse. Jack has spent the last month eating every 2 hours at night and nursing for 1/2 hour at the least. I've been fine - doing yoga, walking several miles with the dogs every day, and taking care of business at home (well, kinda.. The laundry gets done, for sure).

Then last night, something magical happens. He sleeps for 3 hours and nurses for 5 minutes and goes right back to sleep. This morning, I feel like I've been hit with truck. I had to check my bed for tire tracks.

There weren't any. So, how did this happen? Did a month of poor sleep crash in on me after 1 night of relatively better sleep? If this is what 3 hours feels like, give me back my 2 hour sprints! Yesterday, I was thinking of running a 5K. Today, I'm not sure I can walk a mile and wish I dog walker and a babysitter, so I could go back to sleep and not think about any of this.

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