Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This turkey dies today...

This turkey and 8 chickens have grown well enough to slaughter. We'll see if I get the chance to help.

I will post the photo later when I have better connectivity.

We are on Lopez now (got here yesterday). It is raining but very beautiful and I think I have the junk D_ brought back from LV. Stop sharing your junk!

The room we are staying in is an insulated built out section of a barn with very steep stairs up to a landing with no banister to keep us from becoming a pile of broken bones 20+ feet below. The closest toilet is the outhouse, down the stairs and 200 feet away, and the running water is close to the outhouse.

So being sick, I'm trying to keep drinking fluids to get this stuff out of me which means, of course, I have to pee like every 20 minutes. Which means negotiating a dark, unfamiliar and small room cramped with too much stuff, grabbing a blanket to wrap around me because it's freaking cold outside, finding my shoes, not falling off the landing, crawling down the stairs and out of the barn into the rain.

I gave up by 5am and made coffee.

But it is very beautiful here. Rustic and sweet.

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Rayford said...

Thank god for the Cabin down the driveway and your persistence in getting it. Made it all better. Where da' pics of turkey head?

Love, yer Hubby